Olivier Guiberteau

 There are few things I enjoy less than having to write about myself, but this is an industry that expects at least a some polite, yet formulaic sentences about me and my work - so here we are. 

Working as a photographer and writer allows me to combine the two biggest passions that I've always had in life and I am incredibly grateful that I'm able to work in these fields. My topics are wide ranging, which tend to defy the the much repeated mantra of choosing a niche and focusing on it. I'm fascinated by travel, adventure, the environment, history, culture, art and the strange creatures known as humans that I meet along the way. I believe writing and photography have the power to both entertain and teach us about the world around us.  

I was born in London but grew up mostly in the rural rolling hills of the home counties. After studying film studies at university I left the UK to work in a ski resort for the winter in the U.S. What was meant to be a short period to clear my mind turned into a nearly 12 year period away from the UK, in which I travelled back and forth across America, before training to be an ESL teacher and living and working in Czech Republic, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Spain.


I returned to the London in 2019 where I now work as freelance writer and photographer. For all queries you can contact me either using the form below or at olivier.guiberteau@gmail.com  



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